DJ Nights Photography aka Suzanne Bainton


Specialising in DJ Nights and Music Events.


DJ Nights Photography captures crucial moments, the feeling of the vibe, the hype and excitement all in a visual picture. DJ Nights Photography offers a high standard of creative photography capturing a series of reportage style


photographs of the music, the artists and the interactions of the music lovers and fans alike. Ensuring critical moments are caught and the entire story of the event is told.


“Creativity holds no bounds and has zero limits” is one of the mantras that Suzanne Bainton beholds. Photography has been and is a constant passion, remaining firmly in her heart, mind and soul.


Always being a creative, the belief she has in her high quality, unique works, creates an energy inside of her that not only influences the complete visual, but enables her to inhale ideas and exhale stunning works of art, inspiring us to think out the box and giving us the gift of freezing a moment in time, that will leave you thinking, wondering, and questioning the very fabric of existence.

Since 2004, Suzanne’s focus has been on photography, and wanting her works to stand out from the crowd, her individual style is hard to forget, or put to a-side. The ideas she has and the efficient way that she works, enables her lens to capture, and hold moments of time in a frame that gives to you, the viewer an incredible, special, once in a lifetime still of what you never thought was possible.

Suzanne’s distinctive work appears from the creative, insightful and gifted mind that she has crafted over the time she has spent studying her art form. There is no doubt at all that you will be left with her images firmly printed in your mind, questioning the unquestionable.


She says, “Photography for me is an essential visual way to relate to the world. It allows me to feel and get closer to the unknown and capture images that are adventurous but elegant at the same time”.Creativity is said to best be worked on in the silence of the night, the darkest of hours. But there is far from any silence in Suzanne’s main photography focus, at music events, in fact it’s quite the opposite of silent.


“When I put my camera up to my eye and breath in, these moments in time, I am met with an incredible sense of serenity”

England Tel:0044 777 2157 055


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